With this package of Bacterial you will own a freeze-dried culture of microorganisms. If you mix the content of this package with water billions of nitrifying bacteria will grow within 24 hours. Tiny as they may be these nitrifying bacteria are essentiel to all life on earth, including plants. Together with enzymes and moulds these bacteria transform organic waste into re-uptakeable nutrients for the plants.

In order to obtain the right environment in the growth medium of your plants we developed this biological, reliable and fast working product: Bacterial. Not only does Bacterial stimulate growth, but since nitrifying bacteria are real devourers of waste you can also reduce the rinsing of your growth medium. Bacterial can be used in both Hydro-systems and Bio-systems.

Application in Hydro-systems

Bacterial needs about 24 hours to develop the maximum amount (billions) of bacteria. You can put Bacterial directly into the barrel of your Hydro-system or prepare the culture seperatly in a bucket (10L) of water (pH 5.8- 7) at room temperature and put this water in the barrel after 24 hours. One or two teaspoons is enough though overdosing is not troublesome.

The fertilizing scheme can remain unchanged and Bacterial can be added when considered necessary. A regular weekly application of Bacterial will give best results. Keep an eye on the barrel`s filter, when adding the Bacterial mix, because older watering systems risk clogging up by the remains of the medium where the bacteria originally lived in.

Bacterial is also ideal for rinsing your slabs, you will create a healthier environment for your plants. If you must use a fungicide, use Bacterial afterwards to restore the environment. Do not use a fungicide shortly after the application since this will probably also kill the bacteria you need so much.

Applications in Bio-systems

The actual and easiest way to add Bacterial is by mixing it with the irrigation water. Mix one or two teaspoons in a bucket of water, (pH 6.2-7), wait 24 hours and apply. It`s also possible to mix the freeze-dried bacteria with the growth medium for your plants. A weekly application of Bacterial will give best results.