For a quick and rich bloom of your plants

With this package of CO2-Tabs you will posses a revolutionary new and powerful product aimed at cannabisplants on any growth medium. These simple - and cheap ! - Tablets are specially developed to replace the complicated and expensive CO2 fertilizing systems used until today.

Growth stagnation of plants is often caused by a shortage of carbonhydroxid; in badly aid spaces this shortage can be dramatic. With CO2-Tabs you can offer the carbon dioxide directly to the roots of your plants and cignificantly increase the speed of growth.

Only healthy plants will be able to effictevly use this extra input. During extensive testing we perceived as the possible side effect a shortage of magnesium due to the high speed of growth. To effictevly prevent this we have added 1.2 % magnesium sulfate. The tabs release the CO2 in the water, and thus stimulate thegrowth. Healthy cannabisplants can absorb any times of this important nutrient CO2 is available in the air.

Attention: Adding CO2 short before the dark period doesn`t give any results ! During the dark period the plant doesn`t absorb any CO2. The tabs bond the CO2 about 4 to 6 hours to the offered water.

Application: When your plants (or cuttings) are healthy, you can use 1 tablet per 250 litres of water. In hydro- systems you can also simply add the tablet to the barrel. Overdosing is neither harmful nor useful. If you want to add the CO2-Tab instantly, first solve it in a cup of water that is intended for the plants. Apply twice weekly for optimal results and preferably during the whole growing cycle of your plants.

The use of CO2-Tabs is environmentally friendly and poses no harm for plants, pets, birds, insects or microorganisms. Adding the CO2-Tabs to the drinking water can temporarily lower the pH. Is is advisable to regularly measure the pH (of water and soil). High and low extremess interfere with the plants ability takes up nutrients. Use Bacterial to recycle the extra waste (a result of the increaded growth) into nutrients. CO2-Tabs and Bacterial are an ideal combination for your plants.