Outdoor plants are fortunate that Hesi exists!!

Outdoor plants can be grown in two different manners:
in a pot or in cold soil.

Plants planted in cold soil have to deal with all kinds of soil compositions, from hard clay to acidic turf. Here it is important to have a plant food that is usable with all ph levels and doesn't form any non-soluble combinations. These characterisitics are inherent to all Hesi products because of the use of chelaten.

Plants in a pot grow in the same soil for long periods. It is important to give the plants enough plant food, but at the same time without causing unnecessary stress. Because of the high quality and extreme pure base products Hesi plants foods are perfect for the job.

With hesi your outdoor plants can grow into trees!!

Root complex
the outdoors starter Hesi root complex can improve even the poorest of soil types to be suitable for use. Root complex insures that the plants are strong enough to withstand the elements and improves root formation for better results.

T.N.T. complex is made to stimulate the growth of young plants. In outdoor plants, the explosive growth potential is dramatically increased.

Flowering Complex is designed for the flowering phase. Because of it's ph balancing characteristics and phosphor content, Flowering complex is a must for all outdoor growers. Most plant foods containing phosphor, have the tendancy to form non soluble combinations that are unusable for the plants. Hesi Flowering complex insures that this doesn't happen. To be used from august until one week before harvesting.

Phosphor plus is a flowering improver. At the top point of the plants flowering phase (around the middle of september) use Hesi phosphor plus and Flowering complex together. This insures that the plants get the extra phosphor and potassium when they need it.