One component Coco plant food for grow and flowering phase. Just like Hesi Hydro, except specialized for Coco mediums, Hesi Coco is the latest product in this area. Hesi Coco is extremely pure and stabilised by complex binding substances. This prevents residue formations caused by calcium and other impurities, and stabilises the ph in the water.

Hesi Coco contains vital substances such as enzymes and vitamins, that support lush root formations. This way the perfect balance is created in the growth medium. With Hesi Coco the plants are continually maintained and in return grow and flower in an explosive manner.

Hesi Coco, one product for growth and flowering phases! Hesi Coco has special basis components consisting of nitrogen solutions (organic and mineral) and the phosphor compositions (direct and long term working) insures that young growing plants as well as flowering plants recieve the perfect combination without damaging the plant.

Intense root formation with Hesi Coco.
In coco medium ideal growth conditions are created. Hesi coco insures a good absorbtion of nutrients, which stimulates root formation. As well as supporting root formation, Hesi Coco keeps the existing root formations healthy.

By flowering periods of more than 8 weeks, begin halfway (4 weeks) with 2.5ml/10 liters of water PK 13/14 and increase the dosages to 15 ml/10 liters of water 2 weeks before the end of flowering. The last week flush the plants out with pure water.

PK 13/14
Phosphor and Potassium for flowering plants in mineral wool and coco systems.

Plants in the flowering phase need increasingly more phosphor and potassium , these needs are met at just the right moment with Hesi PK13/14.

The flowering phase is the top point of the plants life.
The osmosis is at it's peak. More enzymes are produced, the resign production increases, and the plants volume increases dramatically. The specific molecules responsible for this are phosphor and potassium, explaining the plants need for these valuable building blocks. To insure the plant isn't unduly burdened with too much salt, use Hesi PK13/14 in the second half of the flowering phase. The dosage should be increased incrementally during this phase.