HESI T.N.T. complex
T.N.T. complex is very powerful yet gentle for your plants. The reason for this is that the nitrogen used is 100% organic. This insures that the plants are subjected to a minimum of sodium, which is ideal for young plants (not flowering). Plants treated with T.N.T. complex have a large number of growth points and a healthy colour.
Never overdose T.N.T as the plants will grow too high.

Flowering Complex feeds the plants with a special mixture that is especially designed for the plants needs during the flowering phase. Along with the usual ingredients (nitrogen, phosphor, potassium and magnesium) Hesi flowering complex also includes all the necessary trace elements.
This insures a rich and intense flowering. Flowering complex also has a ph neutralising agent. This insures a gentle medium for the plants, and also prevents the formation of residue in the system. Hesi Flowering complex is to be used from the second half of the flowering phase in conjunction with Hesi Phosphor plus. During flowering the plant has an increased need for phosphor and potassium. Hesi Phosphor plus meets these needs and insures a healthy flowering phase.