HESI HYDRO & COCO-High Tech plant food that has unbelievable results.

The Hesi research team have been succesfull in joining their two component plant food into one product!

The advantages are many, such as less transport, easy to dose, less waste byproducts (packaging) a reduced environmental burden and less conspicious. They've combined the Hesi Grow together with the Hydro Flower to create a stable, single component plant food. It is not magic but the scientific exeperience of the Hesi team.

With one dosage you achieve the perfect amount of nutrients and E.C. value. The dosaging is the same as by all Hesi products, at 1:200. Because they control the production totally, they are able to translate those savings to the consumer.

Every Hesi plantfood is packed full of vitamins,and bacterial growth stimulators. These fullfill 2 functions;first they rapidly create a healthy growth basis in hydroponic mediums (such as mineral wool) and secondly they offer the plants the right mix of growth stimulators to directly increase the plants capability for osmosis.
The result of this combination is clear: perfect and healthy plants, that grow and flower as no other hydroponic medium can achieve.

A unique complex binder (chelatan) keeps the plant food stabile until absorbed by the plant and it improves tapwater quality. Complex binding means that the trace elements such as coper, iron and zinc are protected by a coating that insures they don't degredate while in the storage tank or in the growth medium. Thus is assured that they reach the plant unchanged, for maximum effect. The complex binder is called chelatan. One of the properties of chelatan is to bind calcium in the tapwater, which in turn is a friendlier environment for the plants. This also has the advantage of preventing unneccisary blockages in the watersystem. This is especially important for Hydrosystems as all of the plantfood remains soluble. Otherwise their properties are lost, and the plants quickly show signs of deprivation.

This can't happen with Hesi Hydro.