Mothers check this out!

Hesi has a unique combination for Mothers.

Hesi T.N.T. complex is a 100% organic nitrogen and minimal sodium burden.

Hesi root complex insures strong root formation and improves the soil quality.

Hesi Super Vit keeps the plant strong and stimulates healthy growth. It also helps the plant to recover after every trimming.

Why do mother plants need special plant food?
Mother plants have to grow for long period in the same soil. This can form a problem if the plant food contains too much sodium. Too much sodium causes the plant unnecessary stress. In time the plant will begin to look sick and it's growth will be greatly reduced. This is caused by the high sodium content and eventual acidification of the soil. The consequences can be disastrous. The roots are no longer able to absorb nutrients, soil bacteria die and fungusses begin to form. Clones removed from afected plants often don't grow or show deformations.

By using the Hesi Mother plant package, Hesi T.N.T. complex, Hesi Root complex, and Hesi Supervit your plants are insured a healthy and productive life.