HESI Root complex
Root complex is an elixer for clones, young plants, and plants in a stressfull-situation, such as repotting. Root complex is a combination of trace elements and vital components (vitamins, amino acids, plant sugars and enzymes)

Plant starter, Root stimulator and anti stress additive nutrients
all in one.The vital component in root complex activates a powerful root formation,and gives young plants an optimal start. After repotting Hesi Root complex insures a quick production of new root formations, and reduces stress because of the selected vitamins and enzymes. Root complex is also ideal for the care of motherplants. A few days before removing clippings, administer Root complex to the plants. This insures that in the clippings (clones) all the necessary nutrients are available to begin with root formation.

Bacteria starter and soil improver
Plants treated with Root complex are strong and healthy as Root complex stimulates and feeds helpful soil bacterias. A healthy soil helps to prevent disease and soil depletion. Root complex contains a large amount of vital components, that gives the plant extra energy and increased osmosis capability. The results are noticible shortly after being administered.